Regionally Focused

Paso Del Norte | Borderplex

This model has proven to be an effective tool in the job training system for El Paso, Texas. A recent study by the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness on the Economic Impact of Project ARRIBA on El Paso County shows that Project ARRIBA has added about $893.30 million in value to the El Paso economy in the form of future earnings of program graduates. Moreover, Project ARRIBA has supported about $31.699 million in total investment over the life of the program which implies a cumulative benefit-cost ratio of $28.18 for every $1.00 invested!

Additionally, according to an independent study in 2015 by the Institute for Policy & Economic Development (IPED Report) at the University of Texas at El Paso, the local economy will realize an additional $171 million in additional taxes from program graduates over the remainder of their work years due to their higher earning potential.

To date, Project ARRIBA has graduated almost 1,600 participants and 2020 job placements are earning on average over $48,000/year in locally demanded occupations which benefit this region.

Project ARRIBA Impact Sheet 2020