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Strategic Partner Spotlight: UMC
Strategic Partner Spotlight: UMC
September 21, 2023

For the last 25 years, Project ARRIBA has improved the quality of life for almost 2,000 vulnerable El Pasoans by helping them succeed at a postsecondary education that leads to quality job opportunities. Through an award-winning, intensive case management approach and wrap-around supportive services, this model has proven to be an effective tool in the job training system for El Paso, Texas. Program graduates’ benefit from greater economic mobility in sectors such as healthcare that pay on average over $52,000 a year! This is being accomplished in a region where currently 1 in 5 El Pasoans live in poverty. Job placed graduates no longer depend on government subsidies and now add to the local economy. Per a 2021 impact study by the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness, Project ARRIBA has added $893.30 million in value to the El Paso economy in future earnings of program graduates. Moreover, Project ARRIBA has supported a total investment of $31.699 million over the life of the program which implies a cumulative benefit-cost ratio of $28.18 for every $1.00 invested!

Since 2003, University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC) has partnered with Project ARRIBA to increase our healthcare worker pipeline, as jobs in this sector remain vital to this region and across the nation. UMC recognizes the importance of supporting postsecondary education programs that add needed essential healthcare workers to the community. UMC also recognizes that by supporting postsecondary education programs, a vulnerable population gains access to great jobs that improve their economic success. As a result, UMC is Project ARRIBA’s major employer partner with over 270 job placements to date and one of the first funding agencies to recognize the importance of multi-year funding commitments. To date, UMC has invested $2,827,500 to support these efforts!

Per Mr. Jacob Cintron, UMC President & CEO, *“The long-standing partnership shared with Project ARRIBA provides UMC, El Paso’s only not-for-profit, community hospital, with a highly skilled and culturally relevant workforce that is able to provide critical care and services to an increasing number of patients along the border region, including those who may not have access to care elsewhere.”

“Project ARRIBA is unlike any other job training program in our region. It is a true labor market intermediary that connects individuals wanting a higher education, training providers, and local employers needing a skilled workforce. The program helps meet regional workforce shortages while strengthening the local economy.” Per Mr. Justin Chapman, Project ARRIBA Board Chair & President of Southwest Community Development, Hunt Companies.

“Our strategic partnership with University Medical Center at El Paso has been a win-win for the El Paso region. Our job-placed graduates at UMC have not only changed the trajectory of their families’ lives but are improving & saving lives every day in a high-demand career in one of the finest teaching & research hospitals in our nation.” Per Roman Ortiz, President & CEO of Project ARRIBA.

About Project ARRIBA

The mission of Project ARRIBA is to provide high-skilled training and case management services to residents of El Paso County who need the occupational skills necessary to access in demand jobs that pay a family-sustaining living wage, with benefits and a career path. Project ARRIBA promotes a working partnership between community-based organizations, training institutions, and private corporate partners. Project ARRIBA provides the financial, educational, and social support systems needed for at-risk students to access, persist, complete long-term training that results in a degree or credential in a demand occupation, and be job placed.