Employer Driven

Strategic Partnerships

Project ARRIBA takes a holistic approach to workforce development through a comprehensive program that addresses an individual’s barriers to a higher education and the overall needs of our region. The program model begins with the needs of local employers and ends with a highly skilled workforce that increases the tax base at the local, state, and federal levels.

Fundamental to the mission of Project ARRIBA is to identify demand and emerging occupations for possible career opportunities for Project ARRIBA participants, and actively ensure that participants are prepared for employment, and placed into those occupations. Project ARRIBA has developed a comprehensive approach to labor market research, job development, and employer recruitment. Because there are continuous changes to the economy and employer adjustments to legislation, technology and all measures of merit associated with economic development, job development remains an evolving process. It necessitates a strong awareness of demographic, workforce, and business and industry changes. Project ARRIBA staff has established strong relationships with their employer partners and maintains communication on a continuing basis. This ensures that Project ARRIBA is able to adjust its planning to match changes in employment needs as well as the timing of the availability of specific job positions. The Case Managers coordinate this information to provide an atmosphere for continuous improvement in design and delivery of a fully integrated community job-training program.

Program graduates have been job placed in over 65 different employers in our region.

These employers represent healthcare, information technology, and other demand occupations.

Paul L. Foster speaking to private sector employers and foundations at Project ARRIBA’s 4th Annual Dinner & Fundraiser