Success Stories


Adriana GomezRegistered Nurse

Adriana Gomez was born in El Paso, TX to parents of Mexican descent and is the oldest of four children. In 2009 Adriana graduated from Canutillo High School and quickly enrolled in the Industrial Engineering Program at the University of Texas at El Paso. After two years in the program, she came to the difficult realization that this career was not for her and decided to pursue nursing. However, even with financial aid it was difficult paying for all of her educational expenses.

After hearing about the Project ARRIBA program from a family member, Adriana applied and was accepted into the program. There she found a home of caring, enthusiastic case managers and other staff members that propelled her educational endeavors even through the rough patches of the challenging nursing program at El Paso Community College. At Project ARRIBA’s 30th graduation ceremony, Adriana said,

“Everyone inspired me and renewed my faith and strength.”

Now equipped with the education and skills necessary to attain a living wage job, Adriana is excited to enter the workforce and plans on purchasing a home in El Paso where she and her husband can raise their family. Adriana realizes that education is vital to their family’s financial well-being and plans to continue on with her education. She is fueled by a desire to treat patients with the best care she can offer.

Adriana’s dream has been realized through Project ARRIBA’s workforce development efforts. As of August 2015, she has been job placed as a Registered Nurse at Las Palmas Medical Center earning over $46,000 annually. Graduates like her are filling the needs of local employers and are earning a family-sustaining, living wage.