Success Stories


Christina GranilloRegistered Nurse

Christina Granillo applied to Project ARRIBA in summer of 2014 after being accepted into the University of Texas at El Paso’s nursing program. As a single mother of a young boy, Christina worked a part time job to provide for her son, as well as to cover the anticipated expenses associated with nursing school and childcare.

During the enrollment process, Christina shared that she was desperate and was not sure if she could go on with nursing school. She had heard how demanding it would be and was unsure if she could manage both work and school. Christina was assured by a Project ARRIBA case manager that she would process her intake file as fast as possible for consideration of sponsorship. As it turned out, Christina was a perfect fit for Project ARRIBA.

Christina was approved for sponsorship and was assisted with tuition, books, uniforms and the much needed daycare assistance. With some of the financial burden lifted, Christina was much more at ease and felt that she had a good opportunity of finishing her education.

Upon finishing nursing school in December 2015 and being cleared to take the state licensing exam, Christina passed the NCLEX on her first try and is now a Registered Nurse. Christina is working for El Paso Children’s Hospital which she simply loves and is earning well over $47,000/year. Christina has a passion for helping children and plans on staying there for a long time. Christina also plans on continuing her education to become a nurse practitioner.