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Viridiana Hernandez
Viridiana Hernandez

Viri, born in El Paso, TX, and raised in Denver, CO, embarked on a remarkable journey. High School graduation in Westminster, CO, marked the first milestone. Post-graduation, she delved into a nursing assistant program, emerging as a certified nursing assistant. Her days were spent caring for seniors in assisted living communities, and later, as a medical assistant in a clinic serving the homeless.

At 17, Viri became a teen mom to her daughter; at 21, her son arrived. The dream of nursing had nestled in her heart since childhood. Denver’s practical nursing program beckoned, but the reality of juggling full-time college and part-time work, coupled with daycare costs, forced her to drop out. The city’s rising cost of living threatened her income. In 2018, she returned to El Paso, seeking a fresh start with her family.

Del Sol Medical Center welcomed her as a CNA—a stepping stone toward her hospital dream. But Viri knew it was time for a second attempt at nursing. Financial stability became her compass. El Paso Community College opened its doors, and basic classes paved her way. Then, fate intervened.

Math tutoring—a serendipitous moment. The instructor whispered of Project ARRIBA—a lifeline for dreamers. Orientation day arrived, faces filled with yearning. Isela Loera, the guardian of possibilities, interviewed Viri. Her school record spoke of detours, but her intentions resonated. Ms. Isela granted her a seat at the table.

Project ARRIBA—the scaffold of support. Textbooks, CPR classes, uniforms—their weight transformed into wings. Viri’s children witnessed late-night study sessions, inked notes, and unwavering determination. December 2023—the nursing cap adorned her head, a beacon of resilience. Her kids clapped, their pride echoing through generations.

Now, the cardiovascular intensive care unit awaits—a realm where heartbeats sync with purpose. Viri dons her scrubs, ready to heal, to listen—the way Ms. Isela listened to her. And as she steps into her future, she carries gratitude. Project ARRIBA’s legacy lives on, and Viri vows to pay it forward.

So, nurse Viri, tend to hearts, mend souls, and whisper hope. Your story—a constellation in the nursing sky. Isela Loera smiles, knowing that your journey, woven with threads of courage, will inspire others to chase their sunrises.

May your compassion be boundless, your care unwavering. And may your legacy echo through the corridors of healing

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Registered Nurse
El Paso Behavioral Health
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Quote from Case Manager

“When I first met Viridiana, I knew she could succeed in school. I’m extremely proud of Viridiana for the sacrifices and hard work she put into following her dream. She was able to graduate because she didn’t give up”.

- Isela Loera
Quote from Participant

“Project ARRIBA has been instrumental in paving the way for my flourishing career. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity they provided me with and will always remember the positive impact they had on my professional life.”