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Valeria Fernandez
Valeria Fernandez

Valeria Fernandez, a recent graduate with Project ARRIBA, has overcome unique barriers on her path to success. Since the age of 18, Valeria has stood on her own, working tirelessly to fund her education. Her journey began in a technical school program, where she earned her medical assistant certification. However, the pay in that role couldn’t sustain her, prompting her return to school.

At EPCC, Valeria pursued pre-requisites for the nursing program. Financial aid remained elusive due to her parents’ income, and by the time she qualified independently, she had already exhausted many credit hours. Undeterred, she sought assistance. Project ARRIBA entered her life, providing crucial support as she navigated nursing school’s financial challenges. Balancing two jobs alongside her studies, Valeria persevered.

Three semesters into nursing school, she secured a nurse tech position at UMC. Her final semester approached, and an offer awaited her: a full-time role upon passing the NCLEX. On March 7, 2024, she faced the exam, and by March 17, 2024, she held her offer letter. Valeria’s starting pay—$28/hour—marked the beginning of a rewarding chapter.

Her mantra echoes: “Obstacles are inevitable, but quitting isn’t.”

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