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Renee Vargas
Renee Vargas

Renee Vargas, an extraordinary individual, embarked on her journey with Project ARRIBA at the age of 28. As a single mother of three, she faced the formidable challenge of being unemployed while simultaneously pursuing a full-time nursing program. Renee’s unwavering commitment to providing for her children led her to rely on food stamps, child support, and student loans.

Despite these formidable obstacles, Renee’s dedication to her nursing education was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her GPA consistently remained above 3.60, a remarkable achievement for any student, let alone a single mother juggling multiple responsibilities. Nursing school presented its own set of struggles, but Renee’s resilience allowed her to overcome every hurdle in her path.

In December 2023, Renee achieved a significant milestone: she graduated and successfully passed the NCLEX. Now, she works at the Las Palmas Medical Center Women’s Services Department, earning an annual salary of $57,000. But Renee’s story doesn’t end there. Her aspirations soar even higher—she aims to pursue a master’s degree in nursing.

Renee’s journey exemplifies the power of determination, sacrifice, and unwavering focus. Her success serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with resilience and dedication, one can overcome any adversity and achieve their dreams.

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Las Palmas Medical Center
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Quote from Case Manager

Renee impressed me since the first time we met. During our conversation at ISS, I knew Renee had all her sights on becoming nurse. She had 1 goal in mind and that was to become a nurse. Renee is a perfect example of resilience and determination.

- Mimi Duran
Quote from Participant

Project ARRIBA is a great opportunity for individuals like me that need to finish the nursing program. I feel that I will have someone by my side making sure that I do not fail in my attempt of becoming a nurse.