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Leslie Rodarte
Leslie Rodarte

Leslie Rodarte was born and raised here, in El Paso, TX, along with her 3 older siblings. Before she heard about Project ARRIBA, Leslie completed her nursing pre-requisite courses both at UTEP and EPCC. This was possible with the help of both of her parents, who were always her biggest supporters. She had a clear goal in mind, which was to get accepted into the TTUHSCEP Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing and become a nurse. However, her journey was definitely not easy.

COVID-19 impacted all of us in many ways. For Leslie, it was a very tragic impact. She lost her father, grandmother, and grandfather all in that year. After this great loss, her life completely changed. Regardless of her strength and perseverance, she could not help but think that she would be unable to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Priority, at the moment, would be to get a job in order to help her mom sustain the household. With that in mind, she still decided to push through her first week of nursing school orientation.

During this orientation is when she first heard about Project ARRIBA. She wasted no time in contacting Case Manager, Priscilla Estrada, and began the application process immediately. She felt hope in being able to pursue the degree she had been dreaming of. However, her mind was still in figuring out what was best for her family. A few days later, she decided to send an email to her case manager, stating that she would be unable to join the program after all, as she was scared to continue. Just a few minutes after hitting send, she received a call from Priscilla.

Thanks to that encouraging phone call, and after long conversation, she moved forward with Project ARRIBA in completing her nursing degree. She was then able to receive financial assistance with requirements such as tuition, uniforms, supplies, and license fees. However, it did not stop there. The case management provided the support she needed throughout the program and the learned skills during the VIP meetings would prepare her for the workforce.

Leslie graduated from Texas Tech in the Spring of 2023. Upon graduation, she already had a few employment options coming her way. She received her nursing license and accepted a position in the ICU of Las Palmas Medical Center. With this position, she is now practicing in a field that she loves while being able to assist her family, in the best way possible. However, her assistance does not end there, as she is also now able to, and eager, to give back to the community of El Paso.

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