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Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales

Jesus was born in Mexico and raised most of his life in El Paso. He is second to the youngest of his siblings. Jesus’ parents moved to El Paso to better the future of their kids. When Jesus graduated high school, he went on to work in the oil fields. After a few years his father questioned him if that is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Jesus thought about it and realized that no, that is not what he wanted to do. He moved back to El Paso and looked into different schools and looked into different career options. He decided on something in the medical field and started by obtaining his medical assistant certificate. He found the love for it and continued working. He got a good opportunity to work at a local hospital in Carlsbad NM and did that for about a year. He then decided he wanted to continue his education and go back to school. Once again he moved back to El Paso and looked at what his options were. He began taking classes towards the ADN program at EPCC.

In the fall of 2018 he was accepted into the ADN program and that is when he applied for assistance with Project ARRIBA. He began first semester and soon after that his father fell ill. Jesus was going to school full time not being able to work and now is the caretake for his father. Right before the semester ended, Jesus’ father passed. He felt his whole world crumbling down. He was not sure how he was going to continue. His only escape was to quit school completely. After a few weeks of thinking and mourning his father, he recalls telling his father he would finish and graduate. He pushed passed his pain and grieving and completed first semester. We continued and graduated at the start of the pandemic.

Jesus graduated in Spring 2020 with his associate degree in nursing, took his NCLEX right after and began working. He worked for Memorial Hospital for about 2 years as an ER nurse. He is now a traveling nurse working 36 hours a week making $3200 a week. Jesus maintains his residency in El Paso and is happy to be helping out his family just like he promised his father.

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