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Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales

Jesus, a tapestry woven from Mexican soil and El Paso sunsets, stood at life’s crossroads. Second to the youngest among siblings, he carried dreams like constellations—each one a beacon toward a brighter future. His parents, migrants of hope, settled in El Paso, their love etching paths for their children.

High school graduation—a milestone. But the oil fields beckoned—a rugged terrain where sweat and machinery danced. Years passed, and Jesus pondered. Was this his forever path? No, he realized. The oil fields were not his destiny. El Paso welcomed him back, its streets familiar yet transformed.

Medical field—a compass pointing north. Jesus obtained his medical assistant certificate, and there, amidst charts and stethoscopes, he found love—the kind that heals. Carlsbad, NM—a chapter of hospital corridors and whispered prayers. But education tugged at his sleeve. Back to El Paso he went, eyes fixed on the ADN program at EPCC.

Fall 2018—acceptance into the program. But life’s currents shifted. His father fell ill, and Jesus became caretaker and student. The semester’s end—a farewell to his father. Grief threatened to swallow him whole. Quitting seemed the only escape. Yet, in the quiet, he heard his father’s voice: “Finish what you started.”

And so, Jesus pushed through pain and grief. First semester—a testament to resilience. Graduation arrived—the pandemic’s shadow cast upon celebration. Spring 2020—his associate degree in nursing clutched like a compass.

NCLEX—a bridge to licensure. He crossed, and the world opened—a canvas of emergency rooms and heartbeats. Memorial Hospital embraced him—an ER nurse, stitching wounds and whispering hope. His journey continued—a traveler of healing, working 36 hours a week, earning $3200—more than wages. It was the echo of persistence, the currency of dreams.

And as he tends to lives, Jesus knows—he carries his father’s legacy. The promise fulfilled, the pain transformed. El Paso—the backdrop of his story, its streets etched with resilience.

May his footsteps echo through hospital corridors, a melody of compassion. And may his journey inspire others to chase their own sunrises.

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Registered Nurse
Hospitals of Providence
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Jesus is truly proof that no matter what life throws at you, goals can be reached and dreams can come true.

- Estela Flores
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Anything is possible if you want it bad enough and work hard to reach your goals.