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Itzel Ramos
Itzel Ramos

Itzel Ramos was born and raised in El Paso. She is single with no kids and is 28 years old. She heard about Project ARRIBA from schoolmates at EPCC and decided to apply. She started and completed the enrollment process quickly and became a sponsored participant early November. She had just ranked into the nursing program at EPCC and found herself in dire need of assistance as she no longer qualified for any type of financial aid. At that time, she was working part time for Village Inn earning $7.50 an hour and she lived with her mother who provided shelter and food.

Itzel continued working while attending nursing school since she needed to help at home, but it was very difficult. She soon realized she needed to cut down on hours at work since she was not successful at passing one of the second semester courses. Luckily enough, she was able to re-enter the following semester and passed. She did extremely well after that and passed all semester courses.

Itzel graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing from the El Paso Community College on May 2022. She was successful at passing national boards soon after graduating and is now an RN working for Del Sol Medical Center earning $29.60 an hour. Her plan is to return to school and acquire her bachelor’s degree in the coming years as this is a long-term career for her.

Itzel continues living with her mother to whom she is so grateful to for all the support, love, and encouragement throughout her life. She is also very grateful to Project ARRIBA for the assistance and support she was provided with throughout her sponsorship. Itzel was an outstanding participant during her time in the program as she complied with policies and procedures. She is now earning a living wage, has become self-sufficient, is able to help even more at home, and her community as she plans to stay in El Paso.

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