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David Alvarez
David Alvarez

David, a resilient soul, emerged from the sun-kissed streets of El Paso. Born and raised, he carried the city’s heartbeat—the rhythm of determination and dreams. The second oldest of four siblings, he wove his story amidst family laughter and shared secrets.

Part-time hours at Walmart—each shift a stepping stone. The cash register hummed, tallying not just sales but aspirations. $16.59 an hour—a currency that whispered of possibilities. David’s gaze shifted beyond the aisles, toward a future adorned in scrubs and stethoscopes.

Socorro High School—a chapter etched in yearbooks and friendships. The year 2011 marked a crossroads. College beckoned, but life’s demands tugged at his sleeves. Full-time work—a necessity. Part-time classes—a compromise. Yet, the flame of ambition flickered, refusing to extinguish.

And then, the turning point—an RN program at EPCC. David stepped into the labyrinth of medical knowledge, his textbooks heavy with promise. Nursing school—a symphony of late-night study sessions, clinical rotations, and heartbeats echoing through stethoscopes. He juggled—work, exams, and the quiet pride of knowing he was charting his destiny.

Fall 2023—the air crisp with anticipation. David donned his cap, the tassel brushing against dreams realized. The NCLEX—the gateway to licensure—awaited. And as he paced the threshold, Las Palmas Medical Center stood ready. The Women’s Services Department—a canvas for compassion, a stage for healing.

$61,880 a year—more than numbers. It was the echo of resilience, the applause of every late-night note scribbled in textbooks. David’s footsteps echoed through hospital corridors, each one whispering: “You made it.”

But his story doesn’t end here. The master’s degree—a constellation on his horizon. David, the RN, will continue stitching hope into wounds, listening to heart murmurs, and cradling newborn cries. His legacy—a testament to hard work, dedication, and the unwavering belief that dreams are stitched from the fabric of persistence.

May his journey continue—a beacon for others chasing their own sunrises

Training Provider
Career Field
Registered Nurse
Las Palmas Medical Center
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Quote from Case Manager

The moment I met David I knew he had his educational goals all planned out to finish nursing school. Thank you for allowing me to help you throughout this journey. It has been a great privilege to know you and to think about all you’ve achieved. Congratulations on your well-deserved success.

- Vikki Rey
Quote from Participant

I would have never imagined myself graduating from college, and being a Nurse, but a special thanks to Vikki Rey and Project ARRIBA because without them, I would not have embarked on this journey. I was introduced to Project ARRIBA at a time when I was not financially able to afford going to school, and financial aid would not cover either. Thank you to Project ARRIBA, and Vikki for being my saving grace, and to all the staff for being extremely helpful.