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Christian Juarez
Christian Juarez

Christian Juarez, a determined individual, applied to Project ARRIBA back in July 2013. At the time, he was 21 years old and the eldest sibling among four. His mother, a single parent, struggled to make ends meet, and the family was still residing in a shelter.

When case manager, Mimi Duran, met Christian during intake, she discovered that he was deaf and held DACA status. His income was minimal, but his determination to succeed and lift his family out of their financial hardship was evident. Despite facing significant challenges, Christian’s goal was clear: to complete nursing school, secure employment, and provide for his family.

Christian qualified for Project ARRIBA’s assistance. As he prepared to leave, he turned to his case manager with a heartfelt request. Christian had just been granted a small apartment after living in a shelter, but the family had very little furniture. He sought beds for his siblings and mother. In a serendipitous moment, the organization’s staff revealed that they had furniture in storage and was willing to donate it to Christian. That weekend, staff along with a few volunteers loaded up their trucks and delivered furniture to Christian’s apartment.

This was just the beginning of the obstacles Christian faced during his nursing education. Despite lacking internet access at home and not owning a vehicle, he spent countless hours at Project ARRIBA, utilizing the internet and computers in the organization’s classroom. When he finished, he would walk to the nearby bus terminal one block from Project ARRIBA, his unwavering determination fueled his pursuit of a dream that transcended adversity. Despite numerous sacrifices, educational challenges, and family struggles, Christian achieved a significant milestone: graduating from the UTEP School of Nursing in May 2016.

His journey continued at University Medical Center Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he began working in January 2017. Christian soon realized that the ICU environment wasn’t the right fit for him and requested a transfer to a different unit. Christian found himself in the mother/baby unit, where he spent the next four years. His compassionate care endeared him to colleagues and patients alike.

In February 2021, Christian seized an opportunity to transition to the Emergency Room (ER). Since then, he has thrived in this dynamic setting. In December 2023, Christian’s dedication led to another milestone: he became a charge nurse. With this promotion came additional responsibilities, and Christian obtained certification as an ER RN.

Despite facing challenges related to his disability and speech, Christian’s resilience only fueled his determination. He purchased a car and even secured a home for his mother. His hard work allowed him to explore the world through travel. Throughout his journey, Christian remains grateful to Project ARRIBA, the organization that supported him during his nursing career. He attributes his success to divine intervention, acknowledging that God has been the center of his life and endeavors.

UMC has been more than a workplace for Christian—it has been a place of growth, learning, and transformation. His story exemplifies the power of perseverance and the impact of community support.

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Quote from Case Manager

Christian is a true testament that when you need and want something, you will never let absolutely anything get in the way. I have true admiration for him and how far he has come.

- Mimi Duran
Quote from Participant

As long as you have faith in God and believe in the Angels, he sends your way to assist you in your path, anything is possible. Angels do exist and they are at Project ARRIBA.