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Bianca Soto
Bianca Soto

Bianca Soto, currently a registered Respiratory Technician at UMC, embarked on a college journey that unfolded with determination and resilience. Fresh out of high school, she ventured to UT Austin, but life’s currents guided her back to El Paso. There, she cared for her ailing grandmother, taking a semester off before resuming her studies at UTEP. Tragically, her grandmother passed away, yet Bianca’s resolve remained unshaken.

Texas Tech welcomed her into its nursing program, but life had more surprises in store. Pregnancy complicated her path, leading to a semester’s interruption. Undeterred, she returned, only to face a heartbreaking revelation: her HESI exam scores jeopardized her graduation. Retakes were not an option, leaving her devastated.

With a newborn in her arms, Bianca sought solutions. EPCC’s programs beckoned, and she set her sights on the respiratory care tech track. Despite financial challenges, she pressed forward. Project ARRIBA emerged as a beacon—a lifeline for someone ineligible for traditional financial aid. Bianca embarked on her journey, fueled by determination.

Fall 2022 witnessed her triumphant graduation from the Respiratory Care Tech program. Armed with her license, she wasted no time—UMC became her workplace, offering a starting pay of $24/hour. Bianca’s heart swelled with gratitude; she had made the right choice.

Her message echoes: “Don’t let circumstances hold you back.”

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