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Annette Silva
Annette Silva

Annette was born and raised in Mexico. Her parents brought her to the US during her HS years. Annette had to learn the English language and had to do it quick. Annette finished High School and worked several jobs here and there. But nursing was always on her mind. Annette knew she wanted to be nurse and was not going to let go of her dream. Annette became of mother and the thought only became bigger.

Annette first attained her Medical Assisting certificate from Southwest University and continued to nursing school at UTEP.

Annette’s financial burdens were huge. He had to attend nursing school full time and she also had to provide for her children. Annette resourced to food stamps, utility assistance, rent assistance, student loans. During her 7th semester she was able to attain a job at UMC as a nurse technician. This position not only assisted her in having wages but also to attain valuable nursing experience.

Annette graduate from the RN program in August 15, 2023. She will be taking the TX Board of nursing exam on October 9, 2023. Annette continues to work at UMC as a nurse technician and once she passes the NCLEX she will start working as an RN making an above living wage.

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