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Annette Silva
Annette Silva

Annette, a resilient soul, emerged from the sun-kissed soil of Mexico. Her parents, like cosmic navigators, steered her toward the US during her high school years. But the language barrier loomed—a challenge she met head-on. English became her second heartbeat, its rhythm urgent and insistent.

High school faded into memory, leaving behind a trail of determination. Annette wove her days with odd jobs, yet nursing whispered in her ear—a persistent muse. She clung to that dream, refusing to release its fragile wings. And when motherhood graced her at 17, the dream swelled—a constellation of responsibilities.

Southwest University bestowed upon her a Medical Assisting certificate—a stepping stone. But nursing beckoned, and UTEP’s corridors welcomed her. Financial burdens weighed heavily—the scales of tuition and childcare. Food stamps, utility assistance, rent support, and student loans—threads woven into her survival tapestry.

In her 7th semester, a door swung open—a nurse technician position at UMC. Wages flowed, but more precious was the currency of experience. Annette tended to patients—their stories etching themselves on her heart. She learned—the way only hands-on care can teach.

August 15, 2023—the RN program’s finale. Annette donned her cap, the tassel brushing against dreams realized. The TX Board of Nursing exam loomed—an alchemical test of knowledge and resilience. And as she paced the threshold, UMC’s walls whispered: “Soon, Annette, soon.”

Nurse technician by day, dreamer by night—she straddled worlds. The NCLEX awaited—an oracle of licensure. Once passed, Annette would step into her destiny—an RN, her wingspan wide enough to embrace the stars.

And so, dear Annette, may your journey continue—a symphony of compassion, a dance of healing. Your children watch—their eyes reflecting your courage. Above living wage, you’ll earn something more—a legacy etched in care, stitched into the fabric of lives touched.

May your stethoscope echo with hope, your footsteps trace healing circles. And may the universe applaud—an ovation for Annette, the nurse who defied gravity.

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University Medical Center
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Quote from Case Manager

Annette Silva is a true warrior and a testament that when you really want something, you are going to have the GANAS to finish what you started. Annette is a true hero as a professional and as a human being.

- Mimi Duran
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Project ARRIBA has been a blessing, and I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me.