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Priscilla Estrada
Priscilla Estrada
Senior Case Manager
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services

  • Associates of Arts in Education


I was born in El Paso and raised in San Elizario, TX. With the clear goal of making a difference in my community, I began my educational journey while volunteering in great organizations around the El Paso area. Once my education was complete, I became part of the Project ARRIBA family in 2014. My journey began as a Program Specialist where I first began to witness the big impact we have in the community. A few months later, I moved on to assist EPCC health career students and ESL students, as a Case Manager. Currently, as Senior Case Manager, I have the great privilege of assisting TTUHSCEP nursing students.

I am part of the El Paso community, I have been that first-generation college student learning how to navigate everything on her own, I have been that mom with many hopes and dreams but no resources to achieve them, and I am also now a proud college graduate, who with hard work and the correct guidance, finds herself in a career she loves. I am motivated by the desire to help others achieve success and inspired by each and every participant’s story as they come in and overcome all barriers in order to reach their goals.