Success Stories



Zahori EstradaRegistered Nurse

While born in El Paso, TX, Zahori Estrada lived in Monterrey, Mexico for several years due to her father’s job. She came back to El Paso at age 17 and graduated from high school. Her parents encouraged her in pursuing higher education and by 2008 she was enrolled in college. However, a year later she became pregnant with her first child and life changed.

While her parents remained supportive, they also required that she work to pay for her child’s expenses. Daycare, car insurance, food and other living expenses made it necessary for her to work two jobs. Zahori continued with school but only on a part-time basis. This left little time to study or spend time with her infant son. As time went on, dropping out of college seemed like an easy way out.

In 2013, she met her now husband and became pregnant with her second child. Zahori was attending school full-time and did not work due to the demands of the nursing program. Zahori’s husband worked 60-65 hours a week to make ends meet but the bills kept piling up. Stressed with their current situation, she vented to a classmate who suggested the Project ARRIBA program. She quickly applied and was accepted into the program.

Through Project ARRIBA’s intense case management and wrap-around support services, Zahori was able to stay motivated and focus her efforts on school, even on days it seemed impossible. Zahori graduated as a Registered Nurse from El Paso Community College in Fall 2015 and is now job placed at Good Samaritan Society making over $55,000 annually. Now she and her husband can afford to purchase a home and spend time with their kids. Zahori looks forward to providing the care people need in our community so that they can maintain optimal health. Furthermore, she plans to continue her education onto a master’s degree. Zahori said, >“I know wherever we go, I have the education and skills needed to compete for a job. Thank you Project ARRIBA for giving me this amazing opportunity to be in your program and helping me better myself for my family and for this community.”