The Jim R. Phillips Endowment Fund

The Jim R. Phillips Endowment Fund
May 4, 2016

In honor of a visionary, philanthropist, and businessman, and in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank, the Jim R. Phillips Endowment Fund will launch in summer 2016 to directly benefit low-income El Pasoans pursuing long-term, high-skilled training for careers that are in demand in the community forever impacted by Mr. Phillips service and leadership.

An inaugural investment of $10,000 has been committed by Wells Fargo Bank to continue the legacy of Mr. Philips, build up El Pasoans, and address the severe issue of poverty in our great region.

A check presentation will be held at the Project ARRIBA main office on May 4th, 2016 at 1:00 pm. Media and the public are encouraged to attend.

Key community and business leaders will be in attendance to honor the ongoing influence of Mr. Phillips.

Invest today in the Jim R. Philips Endowment Fund

Online at or by money order/check to 1155 Westmoreland, Suite 235 | 79925. If you have any questions, feel free to use our contact form. 100% of every dollar donated will directly benefit the participants of Project ARRIBA.

Martha Rochford, Chairwoman of the Board: >”Mr. Phillips was a wonderful man. He was a successful astute business man, but his most lasting legacy is his ability to mentor people in our community. He would always take the time to sit with you and provide guidance in a wonderful friendly way. He will be remembered by many El Pasoans, including many leaders of our community, because of his involvement in making a difference in El Paso and mentoring so many. He represented what El Paso is….a warm, friendly community with many people who care to make a great positive difference. One of his great contributions was as a founder of Project ARRIBA with other local businessmen and community organizing leaders. He had the ability to see forward, understanding a really good concept. He could take something that was a great idea and push it forward to help make it a success. I am so proud of Mr. Phillips and all his accomplishments including his role in making Project ARRIBA such an asset to our community.”

Roman Ortiz, CEO: >”There is no doubt that Jim meant a great deal to the El Paso community. His influence reaches many different eras in our history. More than seventeen years ago, Jim Phillips was instrumental in developing the idea behind Project ARRIBA, a nonprofit workforce development organization in El Paso. Through Jim’s work with the El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization in the late 90’s, he brought together other business and political leaders in our community and helped them understand the severe issues in this region regarding poverty and under-employed individuals. Jim was a visionary and was tremendously experienced in bringing together bright minds to do the right things. It is a great testament for his family to know that thousands of other families, served through the Project ARRIBA program, are forever changed. All because someone like Jim believed in them and invested in them. The Project ARRIBA Board of Directors, staff, graduates and participants, thank Mr. Phillips for his desire to see El Paso flourish.”

Media Contact:
Roman S. Ortiz
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 915.843.4063

About Project ARRIBA The mission of Project ARRIBA is to provide high-skilled training and case management services to residents of El Paso County who need the occupational skills necessary to access in demand jobs that pay a family-sustaining living wage, with benefits and a career path. Project ARRIBA promotes a working partnership between community-based organizations, training institutions, and private corporate partners. Project ARRIBA provides the financial, educational, and social support systems needed for at-risk students to access, persist, complete long-term training that results in a degree or credential in a demand occupation, and be job placed.

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