Investor's Corner

Investing in Human Capital

Where does our funding come from?

A major skills gap exists between employer needs and the skill-set of the local workforce. From the economy as a whole to the family living in poverty, the effect of a low-skilled workforce is far reaching in the Paso del Norte region. The local junior college and university has paved a way to bridge this skills gap through their exceptional formal training programs, but the undesirable persistence and graduation rates are narrowing the gap too slowly.

Since Project ARRIBA’s inception in 1999, the innovative workforce program has graduated almost 1,600 students from the local junior college and both El Paso universities and has achieved extraordinary persistence and graduation rates for an at-risk student population. These students received the educational, financial, and social support systems needed to succeed. More importantly, they are equipped with the skills needed to fill local employer needs while earning a family-sustaining, living wage. In fact, 2021 job placed graduates are earning, on average, over $49,000 per year, six times increase in earning power! These achievements would have not been possible without the support and generosity of individuals and local businesses.