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Case Manager III (EPCC)

Estela FloresCase Manager III (EPCC)

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Estela Flores is a case manager for the allied health fields sponsored at Project ARRIBA, an economic and workforce initiative in El Paso TX. She has been part of the Project ARRIBA team for 14 years. She has experience in front desk operations, case aide duties and extensive case management. In this position she oversees the progress of each participant as they get closer and closer to graduating.

Estela is an Austin High School graduate and is the oldest of her siblings. She has lived in El Paso all her life and considers this her home. Both her parents are very hard working individuals that have instilled in her great values. She has worked as a staffing agent working closely with different companies to recruit and hire for their staffing needs. She has over 16 years experience in working with the public and has great communication and people skills. Estela is also a single mother. She has a 12 year old son, Ivan.

Estela has a true passion for what she does. She enjoys working with every one of her participants because not two participants are ever the same. She learns something new every day, and hopes she is able to share some of her knowledge as well. Her belief is “having a positive outlook on things always brings positive results”.

1. Please begin by giving us your name, company and title.

Estela Flores, Case Manager

2. As a Case Manager, you get to work closely with program participants and graduates. What is the one thing, one trait, one quality that all successful participants and graduates have in common?

One trait or quality that all successful participants and graduates have in common is Gratitude

3. What’s the best part of your job?

Best part of my job is how rewarding it is.

4. Please share one example of how Project ARRIBA lifts the community.

One example of how Project ARRIBA lifts the community is being able to help individuals at poverty level or on government assistance become self sufficient and fulfill dreams.

5. In your opinion, why is the work of Project ARRIBA so important to El Paso’s Latino community?

El Paso has a great number of Latinos. Most grew up with parents working in the garment industry and or without any education coming from Mexico. It is difficult to put kids through college being that parents pretty much live pay check to pay check. Project ARRIBA has helped those families and individuals graduate and get into higher paying jobs.

6. Do you ever think about what impact your work has on the trajectory of these individuals? Talk about that.

Most participants/graduates go from living on government assistance. I have seen first hand how their education has impacted lives and the changes made to families. Now these individuals will be able to provide and education to their children without the struggle or the stress of “how are we going to pay for this”

7. I’ve heard you are affectionately called the fairy godmother around the office – why do you think they say that?

We as case managers really develop a more than just a “participant-case manager” relationship with our participants. Some really confide in us and even if just to vent we are here to help in any way we can. Some of us even have developed long term friendships. Participants aren’t just numbers. They are what I believe the change this world needs.

8. I would imagine your job is busy and you put long hours in – what keeps you motivated? What’s your inspiration?

I believe in everyone on my case load. Knowing that I personally will in some small way have an impact in their lives really keeps me going. Seeing past graduates’ success is what inspires me to keep moving forward and keep helping those that need the help.

*Questions by Tony Hernandez, Immigrant Archive Project